COO on Demand

Organizational Assessment

A comprehensive assessment that reviews all operational processes including:

  • Goals for the organization and for the owners
  • Current business plan
  • Current budgets in place
  • Organizational structure and job descriptions
  • Leadership structure, management and communication practices
  • Performance metrics
  • Marketing plan
  • Sales structure, process and goals
  • Customer service structure, process and goals
  • HR policies, procedures
  • Financial policies and procedures
  • Systems and IT

During a 2-3 day interview process, all of the above is reviewed and a formal, written assessment is produced and given to the CEO. The assessment focuses on how the above will contribute to the organization and owner’s goals, and makes recommendations in areas where there is opportunity to improve. These recommendations can be implemented by COO on Demand or can be completed by the organization internally or with other consultants.

Operational Consulting

After the assessment is completed, COO on Demand can execute any of the recommendations that come out of it. This might include the following:
  • On-site acting Chief Operating Officer for 1-4 days a week
  • Creation of business plan
  • Development of
    • Departmental budgets
    • key performance metrics
    • Organizational structure
    • Job descriptions
    • Employee Handbook
    • Sales process and goals
    • Customer Service process and goals
    • Expense guidelines
    • Marketing plan
    • Board of directors implementation and operational plan
    • Internal communication plan
    • Leadership communication and meeting plan
    • Review of operational expenses and suggestions for reduction
    • Recommendations for system enhancements or implementation

Thinking Style Assessment & Team Training

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator (HBDI) is a powerful psychometric assessment that defines and describes the way we think so that we can adapt our thinking preferences in order to better communicate, make decisions and solve problems. Each participant receives a customized assessment of his/her own unique thinking style and is educated on not only how to use it most effectively, but also where his/her blind spots might be. Teams learn what is unique about one another’s thinking style and how best to leverage the group for the highest level of performance. Characteristics of high performance teams and how to use the HBDI thinking styles in day to day interactions to increase the overall performance of the group.


Operational Coaching

For companies that have staff in place but need some guidance, we can provide operational coaching to the CEO, COO, HR or operational staff. Because we’ve grown successful businesses and we’ve seen how successful companies operate, we can provide an outside, strategic view of how to manage, scale and grow the business.

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